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SSC CGLPRE 2019 One Word


           1.       Something that cannot be heard                                                Inaudible    अश्रव्य                                              2           A place where clothes are kept                                                  Wardrobe   अलमारी 
  1.          3.    One who loads and unloads ships                                              Stevedore  जहाजकुली
             4.    One who loves his country                                                         Patriot         देशप्रेमी
             5.    A song sung at a burial                                                               Dirge          शोकगीत
             6.    A person very reserved in speech                                             Reticent     कम बोलने वाला
             7.    A sudden rush of a large number of                                          Stampede   भगदड़ 
             frightened people or animals                             
             8.    Incapable of paying debs                                                           Insolvent     दिवालिया 
             9.    A period of ten years                                                                  Decade       दशक 
            10.  Morals that govern one’s behavior                                             Ethics          नीति 
            11.  One who is preoccupied with his own interests                         Egoist          अहंवादी
            12.  A long and aggressive speech                                                   Harangue    प्रभावशाली भाषण 
            13.  One who leaves his own country to settle in another                Emigrant        देशत्यागी 
            14.  Open refusal to obey orders                                                      Defiance      अवज्ञा करना
            15.  A geometrical figure with eight sides                                         Octagon       अष्टबाहु
            16.  The school or college in which one has been educated            Alma Meter
            17.  Enclosed area where aircraft are kept and repaired                 Hangar         विमानगृह 
            18.  Pertaining to an individual from birth                                          Congenital    जन्मजात 
            19.  A game in which neither party wins                                           Draw
            20.  To rise in value                                                                           Appreciate    प्रशंसा करना
            21.  Having something more than required                                       Surplus         अतिरिक्त
            22.  A short story with a moral, usually with                                      Fable            नीतिकथा
            animals as characters   
            23.  To increase the speed                                                                Accelerate    गति बढ़ाना 
            24.  That which cannot be satisfied                                                   Insatiable      जो तृप्त हो 
            25.  To brighten up his lights                                                              Illuminate      प्रकाशित करना 
            26.  Anger about an unfair situation or about                                    Indignation    नाराजगी 
            someone’s unfair behavior                                
            27.  Having two opposing feelings at the same time                        Ambivalent    मिले जुले भाव 
            28.  A person who attracts attentions with a flashy style                  Flamboyant   आकर्षक 
            29.  A place where plants are grown for sale                                    Nursery          पौधशाला
            30.  Central character in a story or play                                            Protagonist     नायक
            31.  A building where grain is kept or stored                                     Granary          अन्न भंडार 
            32.  A group of ships                                                                         Fleet               जहाजी बेड़ा 
            33.  A person who preaches religion and is                                      Prophet           पैगम्बर 
            considered to be a  messenger of god              
            34.  Putting to  death painlessly to end suffering                              Euthanasia      इच्छामृत्यु 
            35.  Person or animal living on another                                             Parasite           परजीवी 
            36.  Working very hard and very carefully                                       Diligent            परिश्रमी 

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