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All most Important Days with best trick


Important Dates of January
January 9: NRI Day
January 10: World Laughter Day
January 12: National Youth Day
January 15: Army day
January 24: Girl child day
January 25: National Voters day
January 26: India’s Republic Day, International Customs Day
January 30: Martyrs’ Day; World Leprosy Eradication Day

Tricks to remember: 9 NRI’s took part in an event called “10 min’s LAUGH” organized by 12 NATIONAL YOUTHS. The event was safeguarded by 15 ARMY men. The event started, 24 GIRL CHILD got 25 VOTE (VOTERS) each for their performances. This was held on 26th REPUBLIC DAY at INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMS office to commemorate 30 MARTYR’S AND LEPROSY ERADICATORS of the Nation.

Important Dates of February
February 4: Wold Cancer Day
February 14: Valentine Day
February 24: Central Excise Day
February 28: National Science Day

Tricks to remember: 4 CANCER patients strikes for 20 new SOCIAL JUSTICE and opposed the inclusion of 21 INTERNATIONAL languages as MOTHER LANGUAGE. The govt. decided to cancel the inclusion as per the CENTRAL EXCISE ACT‐24 decision in this regards taken on 25th SUSTAINABLE ENERGY meeting and will be implemented on 28th NATIONAL SCIENCE day

Important Dates of March
March 8: international Women’s Day; Intl. literacy Day
March 15: World Disabled Day; World Consumer Rights Day
March 18: Ordnance Factories Day (India)
March 20: World Sparrow Day
March 21: World Forestry Day
March 22: World Day for Water
March 23: World Meteorological Day
March 24: World TB Day

Tricks to remember: 8 INTERNATIONAL LITERATE/WOMEN biological scientists together discovered a new medicine. 15‐(CONSUMER RIGHT) DISABLE PERSONS worked in mines and 18th grade ORDNANCE FACTORY workers. On 20th MAR captain SPARROW and the scientists are on board in a ship, when the ship sailing away 21 nautical miles from a FOREST, a scientist took 22 litres of WATER down the sea. When the water undergoes 23 METROLOGICAL test, a strange kind of chemical element is found that can cure TUBERCULOSIS in 24 days

Important Dates of April
April 5: International Day for Mine Awareness; National Maritime Day
April 7: World Health Day
April 17: World Haemophilia Day
April 18: World Heritage Day
April 21: Secretaries’ Day
April 22: Earth Day
April 23: World Book and Copyright Day
April 25: World Malaria Day

Tricks to remember: (development Disorder)” is the theme of the 5th NATIONAL MARITIME DAY Seminar. 7 WORLD class HEALTH organization elaborated 17 HEMOPHILIA (Genetic Disorders) and took 18 of traditional (HERITAGE)type of lectures to the 21 SECRETARIES attended. About 22% in the EARTH still facing 23 BOOK COPYRIGHT issues to release the seminar books, a statistical report released by 24th PANCHAYATI RAJ on the 25th WORLD MALARIA DAY

Important Dates of May
May 1: Workers’ Day (International Labour Day)
May 3: Press Freedom Day; World Asthma Day
May 2nd Sunday: Mother’s Day
May 4: Coal Miners’ Day
May 8: World Red Cross Day
May 9: World Thalassaemia Day
May 11: National Technology Day
May 12: World Hypertension Day; International Nurses Day
May 15: International Day of the Family
May 17: World Telecommunication Day
May 24: Commonwealth Day
May 31: Anti-tobacco Day

Tricks to remember: One day a 1 WORKER went to 3 PRESS MEDIA along with 4 COAL MINERS to give an interview about the illicit activities of 8 best WORLD RED CROSS societies. This news was widespread in 11 minutes because of the NATIONAL TECHNOLOGY. By seeing this 12 NURSES got HYPERTENSED and they come along against this with 17 TELECOMMUNICATION WORKERS. They said 21 CULTURAL DIVERSITIES and 22 BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITIES or ANTI‐TERRORISM are the main reasons. After that 31 NO TOBACCO use persons gave their opinion too.

Important Dates of June
June 4: International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
June 5: World Environment Day
June 3rd Sunday: Father’s Day
June 26: International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

Tricks to remember: The 1st WORLD MILK day was observed in‐line with 5 ENVIRONMENTAL and 8 OCEAN the MUSIC‐21 in those patients who are all caught by 26 DRUG ABUSE or ILLICIT TRAFFICKING

Important Dates of July
July 1: Doctor’s Day
July 6: World Zoonoses Day
July 11: World Population Day

Tricks to remember:  As per 11th POPULATION census Each 1 DOCTOR will treat 6 ZOONOSIS and 28 HEPATITISpatients based on 17th INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE Law at the 29 TIGER hospital branches.

Important Dates of August
August 1st Sunday: International Friendship Day
August 6: Hiroshima Day
August 8: World Senior Citizen’s Day
August 9: Quit India Day, Nagasaki Day
August 15: Indian Independence Day
August 18: IntI. Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples
August 19: Photography Day
August 29: National Sports Day

Tricks to remember: In the year 2014, 8 SENIOR CITIZENS took the pledge for nuclear‐free world on 69th HIROSIMA‐NAGASAKI DAY. They collected 19 PHOTOGRAPHS of the massive disaster which was showcased on 29th NATIONAL SPORTS DAY.

Important Dates of September
September 5: Teachers’ Day ; Sanskrit Day
September 8: World Literacy Day (UNESCO)
September 15: Engineers’ Day
September 16: World Ozone Day
September 21: Alzheimer’s Day; Day for Peace & Non-violence (UN)
September 22: Rose Day (Welfare of cancer patients)
September 26: Day of the Deaf
September 27: World Tourism Day

Tricks to remember: 5 TEACHERS conducted classes for 8 LITERATE people. A question was raised, then the teachers referred 14 HINDI books and found that, there are 15 ENGINEERING facts which are responsible for the 16 OZONE layer Holes.

Important Dates of October
October 1: International Day for the Elderly
October 2: Gandhi Jayanthi
October 3: World Habitat Day
October 4: World Animal Welfare Day
October 8: Indian Air Force Day
October 9: World Post Office Day
October 10: National Post Day
October 2nd Thursday: World Sight Day
October 13: UN International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction
October 14: World Standards Day
October 16: World Food Day
October 24: UN Day; World Development Information Day
October 30: World Thrift Day

Tricks to remember: 1 OLD AGED man and 2 NON VIOLENT boys went to a biological park, there they seen 3 HABITAT of 4 ANIMALS (WELFARE). The boys are jobseekers. Amid the old man said about 8 different AIR FORCErecruitment. Application will be received at 10 NATIONAL POST OFFICES with 9 rupee WORLD POSTAL stamps. The job requires 14 physical STANDARD. To clear the tests the boys worked UN for 24 DAYS

Important Dates of November
November 9: Legal Services Day
November 14: Children’s Day; Diabetes Day
November 17: National Epilepsy Day
November 20: Africa Industrialization Day
November 29: International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People

Tricks to remember:  A total of 9 LEGAL SERVICES were introduced to prevent 14 DIABETES disease on CHILDREN. 17 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS are voluntarily involved as the service providers.

Important Dates of December
December 1: World AIDS Day
December 3: World Day of the Handicapped
December 4: Indian Navy Day
December 7: Indian Armed Forces Flag Day
December 10: Human Rights Day; IntI. Children’s Day of Broadcasting
December 18: Minorities Rights Day (India)
December 23: Kisan Divas (Farmer’s Day) (India)
December 25: Christmas Day

Tricks to remember: A (1) bee HIVe like logo was designed by 3 HANDICAPPED persons, which got 4th INDIAN NAVY prize for best design. The logo was printed in 7 INDIAN ARMED FORCE FLAGS. 10 HUMAN got RIGHTS to use the logo to imprint in the book titled “18 PENSION schemes’’ dedicated to all 23 year old INDIAN FARMERS

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